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New Bylaw update: 

The EENA board has voted to make the following amendments to our bylaws: 


  • Number of board members: "not fewer than 7 nor more than 13 directors."  

  • "Directors and members shall be required to reside in or own property within the geographic boundaries as designated in the Articles of Incorporation." 


Community Involvement

At East End Neighborhood Association, we believe that the key to a strong and vibrant community is active participation from its residents. That's why we work to create opportunities for people to get involved and make a difference. From community clean-up events to social gatherings, we offer a variety of ways for people to connect with their neighbors and contribute to the health and vitality of our neighborhood.

Board Members:
Cindy Montoto: President
Charlie Woodruff: Vice President 
John Crowley: Treasurer
Danielle Stellers: Secretary
John Magnan
Cassandra Marshall
Chris Runyan
Gordon Trounson
Tom Simenc 
Kevin Fritz

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