Our Neighborhood Plan

The East End Neighborhood Plan is a result of neighborhood association initiative and funding through the City of Boise’s Neighborhood Investment Program. The plan is designed to be a tool used by both the City of Boise and the East End Neighborhood Association to collaboratively determine the future of the neighborhood. Its vision, principles, goals and strategies were crafted with input from the neighborhood and the City of Boise in the process described in the next section.


This Plan was created during a time of substantial population growth within the Boise City limits and entire Treasure Valley. While much of the East End is developed, opportunities exist forthe neighborhood to grow and change without altering its overall character and feel. Thus, the Plan anticipates the continuation of the neighborhood’s quiet, safe and historic character while allowing for change over time.


The Plan’s Principles, Goals and Actions support land use policies and decisions that will accommodate affordable and diverse housing options, improve mobility and transportation options, and increase access to parks, open spaces, areas of cultural significance and Neighborhood Activity Centers at Fort Boise, the Armory and the area around the M&W Market. Due to the size, the M&W Market area is likely to experience less change than the larger Activity Centers. Neighborhood residents have identified the lands in the vicinity of Walling Street and East Warm Springs Avenue as a desired future location for a Neighborhood Activity Center. Another area favored as an Activity Center is the Broadway Avenue, East Park Boulevard, Myrtle Street, and East Front Street area. The definitions of Activity Centers are found in Blueprint Boise.


The Plan encourages the neighborhood and the City of Boise (City) to preserve and sustain existing neighborhood form and historic design; guides growth; improves livability; and enhances cultural amenities. This plan helps the City and the East End Neighborhood achieve the goals outlined in Blueprint Boise, the City’s Comprehensive Plan.


East End Boise Neighborhood Plan – PDF