ACHD Updates

We will keep you posted once we hear of any traffic delays/ detours from ACHD.

August 10, 2017 – Night time lane restrictions will begin on Monday, August 14th and continue through November until the project is complete. The project covers Front St., Myrtle St., and Broadway Ave in Boise.

  • Work will be completed at night.
  • All lanes will be open during the day. Motorists may drive on a rough surface.
  • Pedestrians will be detoured 24/7 while curb ramps are under construction.
  • ITD will work to notify businesses when night time paving will temporarily block driveways (up to two hours).
  • Some nights may require detours or flagging at signals.
  • Construction will be noisy.
  • Broadway Avenue between University Drive and the New York Canal north of I-84
    • One lane will be open in both directions at night.
  • Myrtle Street between the I-184 Connector and Broadway Avenue
    • Two lanes will be open at night.
  • Front Street  between the I-184 Connector and Broadway Avenue
    • Two lanes will be open at night.

June 29, 2017 – ACHD Roadways to Bikeways Input session July 10th at 6 pm. ACHD auditorium at 3775 Adams St., Garden City.

ACHD is updating the 2009 Roadways to Bikeways Bike Master Plan. The plan originally identified opportunities to enhance and expand the existing on-street bicycle network. It’s time for an update!
We want to make sure everyone has a comfortable bicycle route, from kids biking to the pool, to experienced cyclists commuting to work.
We need you!
Over the past few months, we have been working with the community to gather input on the plan’s goals and objectives, comfort rankings and bike route gaps. Now it’s time to discuss the prioritization of identified projects.
Please join us on July 10, 2017 to participate in our July Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting where we’ll be discussing this update and gathering input from the community.
Brooke Green, ACHD Project Manager  •  387-6100

June 7, 2017 – ACHD East End Bike and Ped. Plan Needs More Input

ACHD needs your input and so do we. At the EENA annual meeting, in April, ACHD collected feedback from all of those who participated on what roads needed sidewalks, better bike access, or additional safety measures put in place. The next step was to set up some “hot spots” of where to focus their efforts.  But they need a bit more feedback from you before they move forward.

If you use, live by, or are affected by the following intersections then please try to attend their information collecting sessions, click here for ACHD flyer. Just look for the ACHD Commuteride Van at the specific location at the designated date/time.

  • Jefferson, McKinley, Franklin East/West Neighborhood Connection – June 14th from 6-7pm at the corner of Franklin and Pierce
  • Walnut & Locust North/South Neighborhood Connection – June 15th from 6-7 pm at Kristen Armstrong Municipal Park Entrance on Walnut
  • E. Foothills Reserve Alternate Route (includes Shaw Mountain & Shenandoah) – June 21st from 6-7 pm at Military Reserve Flood Basin Dog Park on Mountain Cove Rd.
  • Bannock Connection (from Coston to Bruce) – June 22nd from 6-7 pm at Bannock Street, just west of Bruce Ave., where Bannock dead ends
  • Warm Springs Ave. (from Bacon to Ave. C) – June 29th from 6-7 pm at S. Marden Street in the parking lot.

June 3, 2017 – East Jefferson Update

East Jefferson Update

April 11, 2017  ACHD East End Bike and Pedestrian Improvement Plan Survey and Interactive Map

Please take a moment and complete the survey at this link – click here

After you are finished please take a moment and click on the following map and submit your routes, areas you’d like to see improvements and so on.  Please make suggestions of what you’d like to see.  If someone else has clicked on the area you think needs improvement please click on that pin and “agree” or add your own comments.  To access the interactive map, click here

April 3, 2017 – ACHD Bikeways Master Plan

If you are interested in seeing what ACHD is planning for the Bikeways Master Plan, not to be confused with the upcoming East End Bike and Pedestrian Plan, then please try to attend this meeting on Monday, April 3rd.  This is a great way to provide comments to ACHD.  

If you cannot attend this meeting there will be others. 

Information and dates for upcoming meetings are on the following link –click here. 

March 2017 – ACHD East End Bike and Pedestrian Plan Project

More info to come at the end of March.  Keep checking back for updates

March 2017 – 2017 Arterial & Collector Capital Maintenance Projects

If you would like to see the list of projects planned for our area please go to the following link


Traffic Alert! Starting Friday morning November 4, 2016 Jefferson Street will begin operating as a TWO-WAY street.  Jefferson will be a continuous two-way configuration from 1st Street to 16th Street….