About the East End & EENA

Description:The East End is located adjacent to the city center and is bounded by Second Street to the west, Cunningham Street, Mountain Cove Road, and Cottonwood Creek to the north, the Boise City ‘limits to the east, and the Boise River to the south. Although the area is primarily a residential neighborhood, commercial, office and institutional uses are also found within it.


Mission Statement:The East End Neighborhood Association exists to serve and represent the residents of the East End. It is dedicated to helping maintain and improve the character, livability, and historical aspects of the neighborhood and towards improving the unique quality of life of our present and future residents.


History of the East End:Source: East End Neighborhood Policy Guide – History.PDF


Neighborhood Plan and Map Please follow the link to view our current Neighborhood Plan and Map that is filed with the City of Boise. This link will connect with you with the City of Boise’s website.

List of Current Board Members:


Sheila Grisham – President

Cam Johnson – Vice President

Bob Bennett – Treasurer

Tabitha Simenc – Secretary

John Crowley

Barton Kline

John Magnan

Gregg Ostrow

Debbra Palmer

Brittney Scigliano

Deanna Smith

Doug Stans


Current Committees:

If you are interested in learning more about committees or have an idea for a new committee that you would be interested in participating in please contact us at: EastEndBoise@Gmail.com


Call to Volunteers:

EENA is always looking for volunteers! Whether you are interested in becoming a board member or helping deliver our newsletter, fundraising, or leading or participating in neighborhood projects please contact us at: EastEndBoise@Gmail.com