ACHD Storm Water Management Plan Survey

ACHD Storm Water Management Plan Survey

Phase I Stormwater Management Plan 2022

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Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that does not immediately soak into the ground. Instead, stormwater flows across hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt pavement, or roofs and can pick up pollutants like lawn chemicals, automobile oil and grease, airborne dust and sediment, and pet waste.

Unlike the water we use in our homes, stormwater does not go to a wastewater treatment plant. Instead, stormwater flows directly to the Boise River or seeps into the groundwater.

Find more information on stormwater and the Phase I Stormwater Management Plan by watching the video(External link)(External link). After watching the video and reviewing the Phase I Stormwater Document(External link), tell us what you think below! Your participation and feedback will help ACHD better understand the stormwater activities that are valuable to Ada County residents.

While your comments are always welcome, they can be best utilized if received by November 30, 2022.