A Reminder from ACHD and Leaf Clean Up

A Reminder from ACHD and Leaf Clean Up

ACHD reminds citizens to not rake leaves into the street & keep storm drains clear.

ADA COUNTY- Fall is upon us and the Ada County Highway District is asking citizens to not rake or blow leaves and other debris into the street.  ACHD is also asking the public to keep storm drains and street gutters clear of leaves near where you live. 

ACHD does have a street sweeping program, however, it isn’t designed to pick all the leaves in Ada County. On average, ACHD disposes of 4,100 cubic yards of leaves between October and February each year which is equivalent to filling 410 ACHD dump trucks. 

The public and ACHD working together to properly dispose of leaf litter and clearing debris from storm drains are easy ways to help maintain safe commutes and protect water quality.  Raking and blowing leaves into the street clogs storm drains and leads to localized flooding which is a potential safety hazard for commuters and neighboring properties.

Leaves left in the street can also pollute waterways.  They can break down and wash phosphorus-rich stormwater into the storm drain system which is connected to the Boise River.  High phosphorus levels in the water promote excessive algae growth that can become a health hazard for humans and animals.  Stormwater that enters the storm drain system in Ada County is not treated at a wastewater treatment plant before releasing into waterways. 

To keep street gutters and storm drains clear, ACHD asks that you just rake up and bag the leaves that are in the street and covering the drains. For your safety, please do not remove the grates or try to remove anything already in the gutters. 

Reduce the potential of flooding events where you live and work by participating in your city composting and recycling program or dispose of leaves in your trash container.  Find specific curbside pickup details at each city’s website.