Warm Springs Ave and Halloween

Warm Springs Ave and Halloween

Hello Neighbors,

Halloween is fast approaching, and many are wondering what to do for their trick or treaters in the midst of Covid.  I am bringing you this news with great sadness, Warm Springs Ave will NOT be doing trick or treating this year.  With more than 650 new Covid cases daily, it’s sad, but it’s for the safety of all.  We wanted to let you know now so that you have time to think of other ideas.

Here are a few options for Halloween 2020 Covid Style:

Have a small neighborhood parade with social distancing and have parents toss candy to the kids as they walk by.

Have a scary Halloween movie night.

Create your own Halloween movie.

Have a scary Halloween story night.

Watch a movie outside under the moon.  It’s supposed to be a blue moon on Halloween!

Create a scavenger hunt for your kids.

Get the neighbors involved and decorate like its Christmas!

Whatever you chose to do, please make it safe for all, remember to social distance and respect those who choose not to participate this year.


Sheila Grisham

EENA President