Idaho Smart Growth: Know Your Road Rights #35

Idaho Smart Growth: Know Your Road Rights #35

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Image Credit: ITD Rules of the Road

The Question:

The above picture shows a pedestrian standing at the corner of an uncontrolled intersection (no traffic signal). The pedestrian intends to cross the street. How do they establish right-of-way?


A pedestrian establishes right-of-way by being in a crosswalk, whether it is marked or (in this example) not, on the roadway. This is done by leaving a place of safety and stepping into the street. This must be done prudently, giving the motorist ample time to stop. Once the pedestrian is legally in the street, motor vehicles must yield by “…slowing down or stopping, if need be, to yield to a pedestrian…

This answer is based on Idaho state code 49-702 (1)(2).