Free Library on Danmore and Ridgecrest

Free Library on Danmore and Ridgecrest

EENA has been notified that the free library on Danmore and Ridgecrest has been deemed unsafe by ACHD.  ACHD has two concerns with the free library in the median: 1) that children are crossing the street to get to it and during the winter months they could be crossing when it’s dark outside and it would be hard for vehicles to see them 2) they are concerned with ice on the street during the winter months and cars not being able to stop in time or that cars could lose control on with ice on the street/hill.

ACHD wants to be very clear, they are not against the free libraries.  They got a call from a resident that thought this one in particular might be unsafe for the children and so ACHD took a look at the location and deemed it unsafe.  They will be removing the free library later this week, possibly as early as Thursday, and will hold on to the free library for a month in case anyone would like to have it.  It is possible to relocate this free library to a safer location as well.  If there are books in the library at the time it’s taken out, they will be donated to the library or to one of the womens shelters.

If any of the residents in this part of the East End would like to pick up the free library please feel free to contact John Wasson at or (208) 387-6151.

Thank you for your understanding of this safety issue.


Sheila Grisham

EENA President