Goathead Clean Up Friday September 27th

Goathead Clean Up Friday September 27th

Hello Community Members!

Thank you for caring about invasive and noxious weeds in our beloved shared spaces. I hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather September brings with it. With the incipiency of autumn typically comes precipitation, and with that comes a flush of germinating invasive weeds attempting to reproduce one final time prior to winter’s frost. The success of cheatgrass across the Great Basin can be attributed to this reproductive strategy – the annual grass can germinate early in spring and again in fall allowing for two opportunities to reproduce and aggressive competition for soil moisture against native plants. Puncturevine, or goatheads, also plays this hostile game. There are new goatheads germinating all across the foothills and older individuals are flowering again, thanks to fall rains. If you see newly germinating goatheads, feel free to pull them. Now is a good time to stop this annual plants that reproduces only by seed – so let’s not let those seeds form! Please see the attached picture I took of goatheads freshly germinating out at Military Reserve. The larger fat leaves are the cotyledons of the new goathead. Cotyledons are embryonic leaves and the first to appear from a germinating seed. These tiny plants are quite easy to remove.

I appreciate everyone’s efforts this year to manage invasive species. Weed Warriors who worked with me logged over 150 hours this year! I am so thankful to be apart of a community who cares about the ecological health of our foothills and trails. If you would like to pull some weeds in a group setting, please come help me remove goatheads on Friday September 27th from 9-11am at Military Reserve. Sign up here.

Goatheads are a problem for everyone; whether you are a cyclist, hiker, dog owner, walker, or just enjoy the natural beauty of Boise. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or feedback.

Have a great weekend,