Place Your Votes for Movies Under the Stars!

Place Your Votes for Movies Under the Stars!

Good morning,

Thank you again for partnering with City of Boise to bring Movies Under the Stars to your neighborhood park.  Below is the link to vote on the favorite titles for this summer and the dates/locations for each event.  Please feel free to pass this link on to your NA and whoever else enjoys watching movies in the park.  You may have received the same link from the Boise School District’s Education Foundation in a previous email

follow this link to vote for your favorite movies this summer!

  • June 15: Ann Morrison Park – 1000 S Americana Blvd.
  • June 21: Bowden Park – 3230 W. Edson St.
  • June 22:Redwood Park – 2675 N Shamrock Ave.
  • June 29: Fort Boise Park – 155 E Garrison Rd.
  • July 13: Cassia Park – 4600 W Camas St.
  • July 20: Ann Morrison Park – 1000 S Americana Blvd.
  • July 27: Peppermint Park – 2030 S Sumpter Way
  • August 3: Simplot Sports Complex
  • August 10:Julia Davis Park – 700 S. Capitol Blvd.

Once all the votes are in, we will show the top 3 movies at the larger park events (Ann Morrison/Julia Davis), the other titles will mostly be based on the dates the movies are available as designated by the License Agreement with SWANK Motion Pictures Inc. Movie Licensing Company.

We will be providing all the equipment and staff to run the show, games for kids before the movie, portable rest rooms, security personnel, security lights for after the movie, movie licensing, park permits, and agreements with a food vendor for each event.  If your neighborhood association would like to offer additional enhancements to the event please contact me directly so we do not duplicate services and there may be additional permits needed.

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions.


Clay Lee

Performing Arts/Youth Rec

Parks and Recreation Department

Office: (208)608-7684


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