Weed Warrior News From Martha

Weed Warrior News From Martha

Hello Weed Warriors and all interested parties!

Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes new opportunities to work on local invasives species issues right here in Boise. Last year, Weed Warriors logged over 200 hours of hand-pulling weeds in the 2018 season. That is approximately a month and a week of full time hand-weeding for one person, which is not trivial, folks! The Bethine Church Nature Trail and Hyatt Hidden Lakes received lots of needed attention, thanks to the dedicated individuals who decided to act as stewards in those areas. Thank you Howard, Katie, Roger, Klaudia, Jeremy, Jan, Nan, Lois, Crystal, Bonnie, Alan, and many, many more for your care of open spaces. We could not have done any of this work without you. Attached is a calendar of Weed Warrior events (plus shameless plug for other restoration opportunities) as well as some pictures from the season. As an FYI, I am making some subtle changes to the Weed Warrior program this year so that it feels more inclusive. Everyone can be a Weed Warrior on their property, in their neighborhood, or out on their favorite trail. Here are some ways to do so:


  1. Plant only native and non-invasive plants, so you don’t contribute to the problem.
  2. Become familiar with local invasive species and remove them from your landscape
  3.  Pull populations before they spread.
  4. Use the proper techniques for removal; sometimes pulling weeds encourages more seed germination. (Step down any loose soil.)
  5.  Keep your vehicles and pets out of weed patches to prevent spreading weed seeds, burs or spines onto your property and surrounding areas. These can cause physical injury to other vehicles, livestock and people
  6. If you are building a home, ask the builder to disturb as little of the land as possible. Rope off the areas not to be disturbed. Protect trees from damage.
  7. If native vegetation is removed from your property, possibly during home construction, re-vegetate with native plants immediately before non-natives can get established.
  8. Clean hiking boots, camping gear, and off-road vehicles before and after going into a natural area.
  9. Volunteer for organized efforts to remove and control invasive species.
  10. Support organizations that work against invasive species.
  11.  Educate your friends about the website and the importance of reducing invasive plants in their home landscape.


If you want to know more about prevalent invasive species issues in our area or know someone who does, please attend one of my Weed Warrior informative sessions at the Foothills Learning Center on 3/13 or 3/20 from 5:30-6:30. We will talk about invasive species in general, what regulatory agencies work on invasive species and why, and common weeds of our Boise foothills. If you just want to learn to ID some weeds in the Boise foothills, also feel free to attend a field training on 3/26, 4/1, or 4/3 from 3:30 to 5ish. We will walk around, look at plants, and pull bad ones where management is needed. The purpose of this program is to feel empowered to identify and remove weeds where it makes sense to do so. Starting on the first Friday of April, we will also have group weeding events from 1-3pm. Locations will vary so please sign up here so I can contact you with details as events draw near.


If you went through Weed Warrior “training” with me last year, the content presented at the Foothills Learning Center and in the field will be the same. However, if you want a refresher on some basic invasive species information feel free to attend one, either, or neither of any and all events! Please forward this email on to any parties who may be interested, or let me know if you want off this email list. You cannot hurt my feelings J and as always, I appreciate everyone’s interest in invasive species. We can all be Weed Warriors no matter what our background or training.


Hope this note finds you well!



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