House Relocation Update

House Relocation Update

House relocation: Jan. 10


Here is a brief update on the house preservation and relocation efforts near St. Luke’s.

  • House moving early Thursday morning, Jan. 10: A duplex located on St. Luke’s property near the Boise Medical Center will be saved and moved to a new location on the Boise Bench. The plan is to detach the duplex from its foundation and tow it along a route that includes 2nd Street, Main, Avenue B, Broadway, University, Lincoln, Beacon, Protest, Kootenai and Manor streets (see attached map). To minimize impacts to traffic, the move will take place overnight but drivers and pedestrians may need to take alternate routes or wait for a bit during the move. As St. Luke’s moves forward with its next phase of a redevelopment project that will modernize the Boise hospital and improve access and care, it has worked to preserve several historic homes in the area.

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Daniel Mediate, MS Manager, Content/Communications Community Engagement St. Luke’s Health System
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