Greenbelt Construction

Greenbelt Construction

Here is the update for the upcoming river bank repair project scheduled to begin in Julia Davis Park as early as next week. The construction work will be taking place along the Boise River just south of the Gene Harris Bandshell. There will be a signed Greenbelt closure and detour in place once work begins, which could start as early as Wednesday of next week (1/23).

The detour will take Greenbelt users around the closed construction area via the mall road, through the Rotary Plaza and back onto the Greenbelt path on the north side of the River. See attached map for reference.

The river bank repair work in Julia Davis could take several weeks to complete. We will continue to update our Boise River Greenbelt Facebook page and online interactive map throughout the project. Information on all current and future Greenbelt and river bank repair projects is listed on that web page as well.

If you or your members have any comments or concerns about this upcoming detour, please contact our office by emailing

Thank you for your cooperation and your understanding as this river bank repair project is completed.