Valley Ride Routes

Valley Ride Routes

Simply passing along information regarding the proposed changes to Valley Ride routes number 16 VA shuttle, and route number 17 warm Springs.

VRT , That’s valley regional transit, was excepting public comment earlier this summer on proposed route changes throughout ETA county system.

The proposed changes have not yet been and acted or approved by the pertinent the RT board decision, which includes city of Boise Council representation. Thus, the neighborhood association eastern board might consider the opportunity to spread awareness in an appropriate manner.  At this time, it is my understanding that the RT still has yet to determine the new route timetables for the route number 17.

In summary, the VA shuttle would no longer take a route between the East End neighborhood and the Boise senior center and VA facility. Service and access would be provided via Warm Springs route number 17 connection to VA shuttle in downtown Boise.

Another relevant user group that could be impacted is our Boise high school students who get to ride on the bus with no charge. The relevant matter for these Students is whether the “earliest” first in the morning bus route will facilitate getting them to Boise high in time for their first period class.