East End Neighborhood Association | Chipper 2017
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Chipper 2017

The EENA chipper project will return, June 5th, 2017.

To participate you need to sign up.  The deadline to sign up is May 29th, 2017 and the chipper will be coming around the east end on June 5th, 2017.

EENA has some funds left over from our September 2016 chipper service grant, we’ve set a date of service and will take reservations until we hit our compacity for the remainder of the budget.

In March 2017, EENA was notified, by the City of Boise, that the neighborhood associations will no longer have the responsibility of offering this service.

Here is what we received from the City of Boise:

Chipper Service & NRG funding:

The City utilized NRG funds to address an identified safety and maintenance need within City neighborhoods in the WUI.  Chipper services have been extremely popular and resulted in the removal of hundreds of tons of hazardous foliage.  The NRG was viewed as a temporary source when funds were first allocated in 2014.  Generally, the program was anticipated to be funded for three years. The City is now considering how to provide chipper and other Firewise mitigation measures as a component of the annual budget.

Terms and/or Information:

WUI is the Wildland Urban Interface area, description on the following site: Link 1   Link 2

Map of WUI – Boise Area

Ada County Wildfire Plan: Link

Please check back periodically to keep up to date.

Sign up today to be one of the participants!  Please contact us through chipper@eastendboise.com

What to put out for the chipper:  Brush and tree branches only (10 inch diameter maximum).

What NOT TO put out for the chipper:  No stumps, no grass (for those who mow some of the reserve lands next to their homes).  Last year there was a stop or two with a lot of tall, dry grass that slowed the process because it cannot be run through the chipper.

Bring the material to the curb. No piles in the alley.  The chipper and trucks won’t go there.

EENA needs your name, street address, telephone number and email.  We accepted initial sign ups at the annual meeting on a sheet of paper and then will add to that through the website and on Facebook.  Please confirm your address and contact EENA is the information in  incorrect or missing.

To participate you must sign up by sending an email to our website email address chipper@eastendboise.com.  Our contractor will then know where to find the slash piles to run through the chipper and haul away.

EENA will show a list of the addresses on the website as the list builds (but not names, emails or phones for privacy purposes, but we need that information to stay in touch with you if there are changes to the plan).

Addresses are in order of requests received, not in order of being serviced: click here to see list of addresses