East End Q&A – Post Annual Meeting

East End Q&A – Post Annual Meeting

EENA would like to again, thank all the neighbors who attended the Annual Meeting, wrote down questions, and participated in the Neighborhood Planning Process.  As promised, albeit a little later than anticipated, we have the answers to the questions the we received.  As ALWAYS, if you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at EastEndBoise@gmail.com.  We also hold a meeting on the fourth Tuesday of every month, and we encourage neighbors to attend.

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Questions/Suggestions from EENA Annual Meeting


-Have BPD at future annual meetings.   There should be a specific officer assigned to the neighborhood?  Perhaps they could come and answer specific questions (traffic safety issues). This is a wonderful suggestion.  We will make arrangement to have a BPD officer at the next Annual Meeting.

-Let’s start thinking bigger.  A majority of cities in the nation have committed to a climate action plan.  It will be considerably more effective if neighborhoods were part of that officially.    Would you be willing to attend a board meeting to discuss this further?

-It’s hard for me to see how writing a comment on a card will actually do any good.  We should have had this opportunity a year ago.

-To what extent is our current city council on board with neighborhoods?  Coming off the recent ‘handshake’ between Hal and a developer, I am concerned we – in the neighborhood- are not doing all the work in vain.  I like to think the city is on board with the neighborhoods, but sometimes it certainly doesn’t feel that way.  The city is hosting three growth workshops, and has reached out regarding sign notification and input from various stakeholders.  EENA does have some great staff level contacts at the city that have been very helpful in addressing neighborhood concerns. We have advocated for the city to work with the neighborhood associations and our volunteers and will continue to encourage that collaboration.

-Don’t allow rentals on Warm Springs.  Its adds more cars and no homeownership pride. (Harrison grandfathered this and it made a huge difference).  That would fall under a zoning and/or HOA regulations.  EENA can not dictate rental policies.

-Please include emails of ACHD, city council, etc. that we can write to about concerns.  Great idea!  We will post these on our website as well.

mayor@cityofboise.org; eclegg@cityofboise.org; lmclean@cityofboise.org; tjthomson@cityofboise.org; hwoodings@cityofboise.org; lsanchez@cityofboise.org; sludwig@cityofboise.org

ACHD is a little more challenging for specific email address.  However, they have a “Contact Us” form on their website, ACHDIdaho.org.  Also, you can email our district Commissioner, Jim Hansen, jhansen@achdidaho.org

-What is the latest information regarding the Bike Skills Park in the off-leash dog park?  Please see the next question and answer.

-I strongly oppose the BMX bike park being in Military Reserve. Spillover use will destroy natural valves and conflicts will escalate between users.  It is unsafe, a fire hazard. It will cause a traffic nightmare. How can this be prevented and a new location found? EENA has filed an appeal of the proposed Bike Skills Park.  While there are many people who believe this could be a great asset for the East End and the city, there was no public process, and EENA strongly opposes a lack of transparency.  A member of council has advised us that the only way to have a public process at this point was to file an appeal. We believe ALL voices and stakeholders should have a voice on a project with an impact as great as this. UDATE-The planning and zoning commissioners listened to several hours of testimony on July 9th both for and against the proposal  They ultimately denied the appeals. To hear what they had to say, please visit,


The hearing starts at 2:32 and the commissioner comments and vote start at 5:15.

-St. Luke’s bike path is curious – and how will we access it?  Well…that remains to be seen.   I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer than that.  

-The roundabout is a mess – too narrow.  Why did the city allow it to be made so narrow?  I can not speak to that decision.  I would suggest emailing the Mayor and Council members. mayor@cityofboise.org; eclegg@cityofboise.org; lmclean@cityofboise.org; tjthomson@cityofboise.org; hwoodings@cityofboise.org; lsanchez@cityofboise.org; sludwig@cityofboise.org

-What is EENA doing now that SLRMC has announced another building?  It appears their long-term plan will be to close 1st and 2nd.  Banging our heads against walls!  Kidding! If it this is in reference to the old MK building on Park, there is not much we are doing at the moment.  We will be keeping a watchful eye though. Perhaps their long-term plan is to close 1st and 2nd, but it is not in the Development Agreement or their master plan that we are aware off.  If they propose that, EENA will likely oppose it. We are currently working towards a full opening of Bannock St. in lieu of their closing Jefferson St.  A proposal has been brought forward and we are waiting to hear on the decision.

-Preservation = the fabric of Boise Here, here!

-Would you consider teaming up with NENA = stronger together.  EENA has teamed up with NENA on several occasions.  We enjoy working with other neighborhoods. Some of our own board members started the Boise Neighborhood Associations Network to collaborate with other neighborhoods for that very reason, we are stronger together!

-Where is the Warm Springs Park? Warm Springs Park is located directly behind the Natatorium on the Greenbelt.   

-Concerned about crosswalk seen in roundabout that is currently closed, but once active will affect East/West traffic.  Why have this since other crosswalks further down don’t affect traffic? (Drawing with comment) I wish I had the answer to this.  I would recommend contacting the Mayor and City Council: mayor@cityofboise.org; eclegg@cityofboise.org; lmclean@cityofboise.org; tjthomson@cityofboise.org; hwoodings@cityofboise.org; lsanchez@cityofboise.org; sludwig@cityofboise.org


-Thank you to the current EENA Board.  I appreciate your contribution to our neighborhood.  Thank you!

– Grant suggestion –Alley improvement; grass pavers –  We would love to have you attend one of our board meetings to talk more about this.  This is something that we can potentially request a grant for.

-Doing concerts at Botanical Gardens cannot get out of my neighborhood.  People take daring risks.

-The outlaw field concert series has so far scheduled 10 concerts for the summer.  Each year they keep adding more. Traffic is already a problem on WSA and then you add the outlaw field concerts with the St. Luke’s construction and Warm Springs will be bumper to bumper.  I feel the concerts have gone too far. I like them but there are too many in my opinion and affecting my quality of life. We need to have a voice in the planning of outlaw field concerts. – We have certainly seen an uptick in the number of concerts this year.  While it has been a nuisance to have an increase in traffic during concert times, it is only during the summer.  EENA will reach out to IBG to see what possible solutions we can think of.

-I appreciate you East End leaders and this meeting and this new format tonight.  Again I am fearful of little children’s safety from speeding and not watching and preoccupied drivers.  – Thank you!  EENA has recently formed a traffic commit with SEVERAL stakeholders. One of the items we have noted is that while traffic is up, an additional concern is that drivers seem to be more aggressive.  We will be working to address that and many other traffic related concerns.

Medians are an option on WSA, but there may be some easier alternatives that we can consider.  A traffic light at Walnut and WSA intersections would potentially cause more problems with idling and increased traffic noise due to accelerated starts after the light changes, accompanied by aggressive drivers running lights.  

Traffic to and from the foothills is WAY to fast!  Again, the newly formed EENA traffic committee will look at ways to address this.  

-Something has to be done about the Walnut/WSA intersection.  I have been almost hit four time and watch cars turn left after 4-6pm.  Cars are from Harris Ranch & Barber Developments using Walnut. We need a light!  UPDATE- The Ease End Traffic Committee has met twice now, making great progress in learning about possible options, understanding what the neighborhood can accomplish and working with other neighborhoods to address traffic from Broadway to Hwy 21.  The committee will not be able to make changes overnight, but this is a very bright and passionate group that will make positive changes.  

-What is the current traffic volume on WSA?  The current average volume is just over 10,000 cars per day.  Not quite at the historic highs before the Parkcenter bridge of nearly 17,000.  However, as mentioned above, it does appear that traffic has become more aggressive.

-Add medians, historical signs, landscaping – traffic calming beautification, like Harrison Blvd.  Strength in Preservation Please see above

-Designate Park Center as Hwy 21 into the city, not WSA anymore.  We are not a direct entrance from the East. Please see above

-Is there a proposal to add a traffic light at Warm Springs and Walnut?  I know addition of light is not ideal, but it may be a reasonable solution to the traffic backups that occur.  Limiting to right turn only during rush hour is only partially effective. Please see above

-Pour traffic flow is my biggest concern for the neighborhood with the flow down WSA from the East to Broadway being the tip issue.  What is the plan to address?

  • Reduce # of cars by pushing to alternate routes
  • Increasing # of exits from the neighborhood
  • Improving flow from Warm Springs through light at Broadway

-Need a light at Warm Springs and Walnut. Very dangerous.  People drive 35-40 down Walnut. Please see above

-To bad if the rich folks on WS don’t want a light – safety first! Please see above

-Concerned with cars coming down Locust and Pierce too fast.  Running stop signs at Locust and Washington. Please see above

-Concern over the traffic on WSA Please see above

-Stoplight at WSA and Walnut? Please see above

-Concern about traffic on Walnut and WSA.  IT NEEDS A TRAFFIC SIGNAL! ACHD will soon reconstruct Broadway and WS intersection and divert traffic via Walnut to Park as only access from East End and foothills.  Warms Springs and Walnut will be impossible. – Please see above

All comments and questions regarding the Neighborhood Plan have already been directed to the Neighborhood Planning Committee.  Thank you to all who have participated.