ACHD Fee Increase Hearing July 11th

ACHD Fee Increase Hearing July 11th

Wed. July 11th the ACHD Commission will hold a public hearing and make a decision about whether or not to put a vehicle registration fee increase on the ballot.

Please attend and comment if you can. The hearing begins at noon at ACHD, 3775 Adams Street in Garden City. If you cannot attend please send comments today!

Unlike the 2008 ballot measure this resolution does not specify commitments to spending a certain percent on enhancing infrastructure for biking and walking. We recommend you let the Commission know that you’re prepared to support the fee increase ONLY if it specifies how funds will be spent.

The previous fee increase had a 50/50 split between Community Programs, with an emphasis on Safe Routes to Schools, and other types of roadway projects. We know this has helped improve many sidewalks throughout the County but we also know we have a long ways to go for improving pedestrian infrastructure/transportation choice/etc.. We also understand that there are congestion challenges in many parts of the county that need attention.

Based on the results of their poll regarding the fee increase a 50% commitment to Community Programs appropriately reflects the preferences of Ada County residents.

We encourage citizens to attend or submit comments and speak up for Community Program projects such as Safe Routes to School, first and last mile projects to bus stops for transit riders and implementation of the recently updated Roadways to Bikeways Master Plan.

BUDGET workshop – The Commission will also have a budget work session Wed. July 11 from 9:30 – 11:30 AM. This is a good opportunity to listen to the Commissioners deliberate about next year’s budget prior to the Aug. public hearing when the public will have an opportunity to comment.