Dear Neighbors:

A construction update from St. Luke’s has provided to the East End NA with this.  Please be advised….

                  “·  West Fort Street is closed until June 1.  This will allow for the remainder of the north end of West Fort Street to be excavated out and the concrete work completed.  Concrete consists of a valley gutter across 2nd Street as well as the two pedestrian crossings on either side of 2nd Street.  On the south end of West Fort Street, traffic will be diverted from the north side of State Street to the south side of State Street (keeping the one-way westbound) to allow the intersection to be re-constructed on the north side of the road (State/West Fort intersection).

  •  Concrete pavement will be placed today, May 8, on the 1st Street and State Street intersection, which will allow crews to complete the south side of State and East Fort Street in order to move cars to the south side of the intersection.
  •  Idaho Street has been opened to 2 lanes from Avenue B to 2nd Street.  This will eventually need to be restricted back at the intersection of Avenue A once this work re-commences (after Bannock Street has been completed).  With the exception of Avenue A and some landscaping between Avenue B and Avenue A (currently underway), Idaho Street is complete.
  •  2nd Street: Work continues on the cycle track between the Anderson Plaza and Bannock Street.  Traffic restrictions are in place here while work is being performed.
  •  Jefferson Street: Concrete paving is complete at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Avenue B.  Jefferson will remain closed until we can pave through the intersection on May 19-20.  We are in a position that it could be re-opened to emergency traffic if necessary in order to accommodate Inland Crane and allow ambulance access onto Jefferson off of Avenue B.
  •  Avenue B: Crews are on track to close Avenue B and the Reserve Street area on the weekend of May 19-20 to complete top-lift paving through the roundabout. We understand that this is a significant closure. The goal is to get much of Avenue B and Fort Street paved during this time with the emphasis being placed on the roundabout.  After completing the paving of the roundabout, crews could pave the rest of Avenue B by shifting traffic if necessary.”


This leaves Warm Springs Ave as the only entry and exit into the East End May 19th and 20th.  Many of you may also know that the YMCA Famous Idaho Potato Marathon is the 19th as well as State Track and Field at Dona Larson Park.  The racers will be along Warm Springs Ave, and the northbound lane of Walnut will be closed.   We have tried to work with the folks in charge of construction to look at another option, as we feel this is highly unsafe and unreasonable.   This is the response we have received…


“St. Luke’s, the City of Boise, ACHD, Central Paving and others met today to discuss the pending Avenue B road closure scheduled for next weekend, May 19 and 20.

 Due to safety concerns with asphalt rollers near the intersection of Jefferson and Ave. B, Jefferson will remain closed, along with the roundabout. This will allow crews to quickly make significant progress toward completing the roundabout and area intersections. There will be no impact to emergency traffic, as ambulances will continue to be allowed to travel up Avenue B and turn on Jefferson to reach the emergency department.

 St. Luke’s did not select this particular weekend for the closure, but it is based on the sequencing of the work, and ACHD’s recommendation and approval. ACHD tells us traffic engineers heavily weighed the surrounding impacts as they relate to the Great Idaho Potato Marathon, and even re-examined their decision in light of the concerns raised, but still feel the closure can occur for the following reasons:

  • Detour routes do not overlap, as the race is happening further to the east;
  • The bulk of 5k and 10k racers will be cleared out of the area by 11 a.m. Saturday;
  • Racers will be on the sidewalks and in the bike lane allowing two lanes of traffic to flow;
  • Volunteers will be in place to help drivers cross the race course, if needed;
  • This is the same closure put in place last summer;
  • This closure is only for two weekend days, when traffic is lighter;
  • Both lanes on Idaho are now open, which should help prevent back-ups on Warm Springs.

 We have a thorough plan to share this information widely in an effort to encourage drivers to avoid the area over the weekend closure. Mailers are in production and will be sent to thousands of homes, St. Luke’s is purchasing ads in the Idaho Statesman highlighting the detour, media partners will be involved in sharing information, along with updates to staff, websites and via social media.

We know that this has been challenging, and we appreciate the patience of our East End neighbors as we near the final stages of the roadway improvements.”

We know that it is construction season and that always presents additional challenges. If you have feelings about having only one road into your neighborhood over the weekend that will have racers and other event goers along the route, please send an email to:

Mayor Bieter:

City Council:

Theresa McLeod – St. Luke’s:

Jeff Hannes – Central Paving:

Christy Little:



The East End Neighborhood Association