More St Luke’s Traffic Updates

More St Luke’s Traffic Updates

More updates on St Luke’s Traffic

St Luke’s wanted to share a brief update with the neighborhood regarding access to the main hospital via Avenue B and Bannock. St. Luke’s, Central Paving and others are working to ensure access to the hospital:

* Access to St. Luke’s main patient/visitor parking garage will continue to be via Avenue A off of Idaho Street. On Thursday and today (Friday), we added additional signage to direct traffic to the Idaho Street entrance.

* The parking lot entrance at Avenue B and Bannock will now have one lane open into the hospital whenever possible.

* Any complete closure of the Avenue B entrance to the hospital will now occur outside of regular business hours, with a guide in place to redirect emergency patients to Idaho Street via a U-turn.

* 1st Street under the parking garage: Construction crews are testing the strength of the roadway improvements this afternoon and hope to reopen this section of roadway in the next few days.