406 North Mobley Drive Hearing TONIGHT!

406 North Mobley Drive Hearing TONIGHT!

Support our appeal

Email Cody Riddle at criddle@cityofboise.org

Any Boise resident can tell the city you support the appeal to DENY the building permit.  

Overview      A developer bought a single family home that physically sits on 2 lots.   
Developer wants to sneak a skinny, non-congruent home onto the 2nd “lot” without the proper lot adjustment and without notification to the neighborhood.   Neighbors have appealed the request for a building permit to Planning and Zoning.  

Goal         Preserve the character of this street and all of Boise.  Tell Planning and Zoning and the City of Boise to uphold preservation and congruency.   Uphold notification rights.  Stop this building.

What can you do?

  1. Email Cody Riddle at criddle@cityofboise.org  BY DECEMBER 7.  
  2. Attend the Planning and Zoning hearing December 11, 6pm at city hall.   Contact us to sign up to speak.
  3. For more information, read the NextDoor app posts or contact:

Mark Utting at Markgutting@gmail.com

Brittney Scigliano, East End Neighborhood Association President, brittneyscigliano@hotmail.com or 208-890-3967.

EENA’s Opposition Letter to Planning and Zoning

Cody Riddle

Manager, Current Planning

City of Boise

150 N Capitol Blvd

Boise, ID  83702



Submitted Via Email


RE: CAA-17-00271/ Appeal of Planning Director Determination


Dear Mr. Chair, Members of the Planning and Zoning Commission, and Mr. Riddle:

The East End Neighborhood Association opposes the proposed development 406 N. Mobley Dr. by Mr. Dave Benoit and Syringa Construction.  The goal of the East End Neighborhood Association is to “Maintain the character of the East End by recognizing its unique amenities and natural features, encouraging appropriate infill development, and allowing development in adjacent areas that does not negatively impact the existing neighborhood.”  

This home is just the type of poor development that we have seen Mr. Benoit and Syringa Construction build that has degraded so much of the East End Historic District.  Tall, oversized homes that tower over the neighbors reduce passive light and solar heat, and eliminate our green space and tree canopy is not what Boise or the residents of the East End are looking for.  Blue Print Boise states that, “Boise residents value the safety, quality, and character of their neighborhoods and the accessibility of parks, open space, and basic services.”  This project is contrary to the goals and standards of the city’s very plan.

While Mobley Drive is not in the Historic District, it is a street that has remained virtually unchanged since is development in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Landscaping has been updated, paint colors changed, and many have done additions and remodels that have been tasteful and done in a historic manor.  Owners have been sensitive to the nature and the character of the street and neighborhood.  

The greater, more serious issue in this particular matter is that a verbal agreement has been made between the City Planning Director and the developer, Dave Benoit.  It is unclear exactly what sort of agreement, other than Mr. Benoit was going to be allowed to proceed building on a lot that in May of 2017 was determined to be unbuildable and without any notice to the neighbors.  The citizens of Boise have been led to believe that these sorts of dealings are just what city officials claim to prevent.  Verbal agreements are not transparent.  How many agreements like this have happened before to allow development when it shouldn’t have happened?  

It is our hope that the City of Boise has not become so focused on development that they have forgotten much of what makes this city unique; the established neighborhoods, such as the East End, the residents who live here and of course our trees.  Residents choose to live in the East End because of what it already has to offer, not what it will become.  They continue to live in the East End because of the community of people who support and care for each other.  We are asking the city to care for our neighborhood just as much as we do.    


Very Respectfully,


EENA Board of Directors